Flaming Blazers Dubstep – Better Than Skrillex EP

Better than Skrillex EP

The Flaming Blazers dubstep is a project created almost as a self parody by 15 year old Jacob “Wub” Brettell. Ever a fan of dubstep in its many forms Jake took to recreating dubstep versions of songs written in his alternative rock band The Flaming Blazers. Since their breaking up however, he has lovingly taken their name and increased his output, culminating in the 3 track EP “Better than Skrillex”.

Naturally, for someone trying to emulate the work of the more commercial and mainstream artists, the tracks here offer little in the way of new ideas but the work is well produced and a solid effort for a newcomer on the dubstep scene. The tracks are easily enjoyable with interesting sample choices and even what appears to be a reference to Skrillex in the last songs title “Newsong (Featuring The Doors). The album cover – itself a reference to YouTube star “Oliver Age 24” – reflects the personality that manifests itself in his work.

This last tracks is easily the weakest of the three however, as it favours a full out aural attack rather than the actual substance and coherency in the work. Alas, there is little to say about three tracks as a whole but this EP shows great improvement in Jake and should he continue I fully expect further improvement. There is great potential here.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/jacobswubs/sets/better-than-skrillex-ep-free



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